We present an innovative product for nail extension and modelling! Master Gel is a 2-in-1 product that combines the best features of acrylic and gel. We offer 11 shades of acrylic-gel.

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Master Gel is a 3-phase system. To create a perfect and long-lasting design – in addition to the Master Gel Modeling Nail Gel – you need a unique Base,  Top, Liquid, Brush and spatula.

Victoria Vynn Liquid is a modelling liquid with a pleasant lime smell. It facilitates the application of the mass, giving it flexibility and the possibility of easy formation. It prevents the product from sticking to the brush.

Brush & Spatula. A double-sided tool for the application of acrylic-gel. Dosing the right amount of mass from the tube is easier with a spatula, and the brush with specially profiled bristles, after being soaked in liquid, enables precise application of the mass on the nails. Tool in an aluminium casing.master gel