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Expert is the widest line for any nail stylist technique. Pick up for yourself those nippers with which you can quickly and efficiently do manicure and pedicure by working in your usual technique. Focus on your experience, comfort, and individual preferences, and the STALEKS PRO brand will help you improve and enjoy your work.


The innovative formula of MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL with “fluid memory” was developed for quick and comfortable work. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced nail techs. Check our 6 amazing colors.

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Our shop can offer you

Nail Nippers

A variety in stainless steel nippers of all sizes and shapes to cater for any kind of practice. Very precise and suitable for cutting strong and difficult to cut nails. The working parts are sharpened manually, which ensures impeccable sharpness.

Builder Gels

Do you want to create length, thickness, or add strength to the natural nails? The first and crucial step in your nail prep for a long-lasting gel manicure is puts the spotlight on a high-quality suitable build gel. Different colours available.

Nail Files

Which nail file to choose? What shape, base, material? Mix & match various shapes and gradations of our nail files and buffers. Whether you are starting your adventure with manicure or are a professional stylist, find your perfect one.

Top & Base Coats

The secret of a durable and shiny nail design. Top & Base hybrid – these products prevent from chipping, giving the nails a long-lasting and smooth finish. Gel polish is an alternative to traditional manicure and has many advantages!


For cuticles, nails, or universal use. From a child-friendly safety scissors to fine-point blades. Regardless of this, cutting ability, safety, grip comfort is essential. Find your favourite from a great selection at Bellove store.

Nail Art Sets

Create stunning nail designs, original and unique styling. The nail world never ceases to amaze! Thanks to these products, you have unlimited possibilities for decoration and creating nail art designs. Let’s get inspired!


Keeping stray hairs in check is not easy. Tweezers help you perfect your grooming routine essential for a flawless look. From slanted tweezers to pointed options, we have rounded up the best which you can find in our shop.

Hybrid Nails

A true revolution in the nail industry! Find gel nail products that suit you best. Full spectrum of gel polish in amazing range of colours to choose from. Expand your collection and treat yourself with next favourite gel nail polish from Bellove.