Nail files are essential tools for maintaining the appearance and health of our nails. They come in various shapes and sizes—materials to suit different needs and preferences.

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Aba Group SAFE PACK NAIL FILE BANAN 100/180 25pcs.

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Aba group nail files – safety and efficiency for smooth and rough edges

A suitable nail file should be gentle yet practical with a fine grit that does not cause excessive friction or heat buildup on the nail surface. It should also be durable enough to withstand use without losing its abrasive properties. Finding a suitable nail file can be daunting with so many options today.

Different types of Aba nail files.
Several types of nail files are available in the market, each designed to cater to different needs. The most common type is the emery board, which is made of cardboard and has a layer of abrasive material on it. These are ideal for shaping and smoothing the edges of nails and come in various grits, ranging from coarse to fine.

Safe Package

Aba Group nail files packed in the “Safe Pack” guarantee that the highest safety and hygiene standards. Through a campaign promoting this solution. We raise awareness among nail stylists and their clients that the file is a disposable tool. We were the first on the market to introduce a file packed in foil, which has gained tremendous interest due to increased safety in beauty salons.

aba group nail file safe package.
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