Jelly&Go is a jelly gel that gives you more time to refine nail stylization or to prepare a few nails at one time. The gel has a very thick consistency, and it is not self-leveling. As a result, it does not spread over cuticles and enables you to spend more time on nails or prepare more nails at once. The gel has the consistency of jelly and works efficiently with the brush. It is very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. This product is remarkably advised for novice nail technicians and those who create edgy shapes or highly long nails.

Main advantages:

  • It can be used for novice nail stylists
  • It enables you to prepare a few nails at one time
  • It is easy to work with. It does not spread over cuticles
  • The minimum temperature of polymerization does not cause aching in the lamp
  • It is meant for edgy shapes and highly long nails
  • It can be used with dual forms

Usage: nail extension, nail cavity filling, nail overlay, strengthening the natural nails

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