Skin Care Makear

Our lotions consist of natural emollients that create a protective, undetectable layer (invisible hand gloves) on the skin’s surface. It is a result of natural ingredients, not silicone. Compared to other hand creams, our products do not contain paraffin oil, paraffin wax, paraben, silicone, microplastic, or other synthetic ingredients that can cause allergies. Therefore, our hand creams are perfect for people who have atopic dermatitis, atopy, or a tendency to have allergies. Our lotion besoothes and protects skin from irritative factors. While using it, the lotion creates a senses-awakening ritual, taking you to a glamorous world of scents. Skin is satiated with exclusive women’s perfumes’ long, sensual aromas.

Hand Oil – you can find precious oils in these products. Due to this fact, you gain complex care within one move. Famous scents of perfumes inspire exclusive scents of oils. They mix hand care with aromatherapeutic ritual, which gives you an exciting sensation.

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