iQ COMPLEX is the basis of the intelligent formula of the iQ NAIL POLISH. It combines advanced film-forming polymers and plasticizers that increase flexibility. This particular set of ingredients ensures long-lasting adhesion to the nail plate and extreme durability of all design layers – base, polish and top. It guarantees a salon-quality manicure.

The colours of the highly pigmented polish require precise application. If imperfections remain after the first coat, wait until dry and apply another coat. Do not correct. iQ polishes can be used in several ways: with the iQ Base, on all hybrid bases and nails built with gel. The colour of iQ NAIL POLISH is to be always secured with the iQ Nail Polish Top.

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iQ NAIL POLISH – Classic nail polish.
Intensive pigmentation of the polish allows for perfect
Creamy formula
Spreads perfectly
Resistant to chipping and provides a durable manicure
Colour can be easily removed with nail polish remover
Vegan formula with an iQ complex
Precise, fan-shaped brush

iQ NAIL POLISH BASE – Base used under classic nail polish
Ensures long-lasting adhesion of polish to the nail plate
It Evens out the surface of the nail and perfectly binds with it
Protects the nail plate against discolouring
Dries fast
Vegan formula with an iQ complex
Precise, fan-shaped brush

iQ NAIL POLISH TOP – Top for classic nail polish.
Perfectly protects the manicure for up to 10 days
Contains photo-initiators cured by natural light
Ensures high shine of the design
Protects color from discoloration
Protects the natural elasticity of nails
Top application on a completely dry polish colour
Precise, fan-shaped brush